Dissolving the Form Statement

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"Dissolving the Form" is the title of a series of photographs which I like to refer using musical concepts since music is the purest abstract expression that achieves to move like no other art, "human emotions", and this is precisely what I would like to happen when people come into contact with my photographic work.

My visual search does not venture on the representativeness of the existing forms in nature. Rather, it focuses on the visual experience of capturing the resonance that occurs during the process of disintegration of these forms, which allows me to create images of abstract and poetic interest. An artwork that transforms fact into fiction as the result of my intervention, disrupting recognizable codes related to vision that we hold as natural to the human species as are the perception of time, space and motion. A process similar to taking raw sound from nature and transforming it into music, or describing in poetic language what prose cannot express and the eye cannot recognize.

 These images are exhibited as if it where a concert and are temporarily organized under the different curatorial energy of action.

An imaginary where form, color and line relate with rhythm and melody.

Note by Mariavelia Savino at G&S Alternative Space

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At G & S ALTERNATIVE SPACE we are proud to present the unique and exquisite artworks by ARIEL TOLEDANO. His photography is about feeling, enjoying and fulfillment. His images are mysterious, elegant, equilibrated, dynamic and perfectly balanced on their composition and color equilibrium. The artist traces a path to conduce the viewer through spiritual and pleasurable emotions, to enjoy the essence of beauty, and to enter inner spaces that might open doors for the mind and the soul.Mariavelia Savino, Jan 2014Curator-Gallerist

El Nacional-La Individual de los lunes.

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In December 2013, El Nacional, a nationwide newspaper in Venezuela published a full page on my latest work in B&W in its section La Individual de los Lunes entitled "Ariel Toledano, Essays". The article refers to a group of trials in Black and White I've been developing throughout 2013. These essays are intended to be selected and presented in Caracas, Venezuela in the first quarter of 2014. The link to access the publication is here

Statement 2013

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Meaning in art arises from resonance rather than reference. It is perceptual rather than descriptive. All art is rooted in the perception of patterned resonance in the world. It is through the interplay of personal and communal metaphor that art affords us powerful transformative experiences. Therein lies the source of its transcendent and shamanistic power, the source of its communicative force. In my work, I attempt to record my interactions with objects that I find in my daily surroundings. The process is akin to dance in that the final product is constituted by a set of spontaneous and choreographed steps. The act of photographing these brief encounters leaves the objects transformed by uncovering hidden possibilities within the quotidian. My hope is that my pieces capture the rhythms and dynamism of this process, allowing viewers to participate in the mystery and beauty that emanates from all that surrounds us.