Statement 2013

Added on by Ariel Toledano.

Meaning in art arises from resonance rather than reference. It is perceptual rather than descriptive. All art is rooted in the perception of patterned resonance in the world. It is through the interplay of personal and communal metaphor that art affords us powerful transformative experiences. Therein lies the source of its transcendent and shamanistic power, the source of its communicative force. In my work, I attempt to record my interactions with objects that I find in my daily surroundings. The process is akin to dance in that the final product is constituted by a set of spontaneous and choreographed steps. The act of photographing these brief encounters leaves the objects transformed by uncovering hidden possibilities within the quotidian. My hope is that my pieces capture the rhythms and dynamism of this process, allowing viewers to participate in the mystery and beauty that emanates from all that surrounds us.