Assigning numbers for titles

Added on by Ariel Toledano.

It's really hard to be consistent but definitely, I make the utmost effort to do so. In this sense, I have constantly expressed on whether my work, either painting or photography, can be identified under titles. Why? Well I never felt that a title could add anything to my work. On the contrary, I watched as people limited themselves interpreting the piece under the constraints of the linguistic meaning that the title implied.

Finally, I have benefited from the digital age. It gives me the opportunity to receive a digital file that already comes with a randomly assigned number. And there I go, no more doubts or long hours of useless thoughts.

Wherever possible, I intervene my photographs the minimum required, either by software or other elements. In the specific case to the titles and since it is not in my interest to associate the images to representations or objects, the numbering suits perfectly.

They stay as they arrive.