Reading myself

Added on by Ariel Toledano.

As I commented on previous posts, I'm not a typical photographer and therefore, my photographs are strictly atypical. They don’t like being associated to visual reality or pretend to emphasize the mechanical/electronic perfection built in the camera. Neither wishes to describe a situation or a recognizable object in space and time. When I draw them myself, I point out that the photos are the ones that become objects or situations by themselves establishing existential positions that want to counteract an orthodox vision of life. Where, how or in which circumstances they were created is absolutely moot.

Indeed, they arise from small moments of my daily life. Generally, common situations, irrelevant, trivial, but that encourages my curiosity for all that we ignore in our haste to watch "the big picture" bypassing the beauty of the details and workings of nature.

Technology and modern media, above all in the visual field since we have become a visual society, is an outright deception. They strive to make us believe in a perfect world, where everything is sharply focused and where evolution and wellness is infinite and timeless truth. For me, this view does not correspond to my experience of imperfect reality, ups and down, cyclic processes and particularly, the certainty of a finite world.

Facing this position, I seek my theme in imperfection, center my interest on the activity between the foci, and all that might blur or confront the illusion of a perfect existence. Standing there, I encountered poetry, humanity, life itself, the magnificence of silence, color, line and even the encounter with the unknown and forgotten. My images are the dwellings inhabited by the spirits who struggle with me day by day while I reach the end of existence.